Help Finding School Experience

You may find these links useful when considering which route you would like to take into teaching:


Gaining Experience in Schools

An essential part of preparing to apply for teaching is gaining voluntary or paid experience in schools, working with pupils in the age range you wish to train to teach. The amount of experience required varies according to subject and provider. 

This experience is invaluable to help applicants gain a realistic, first hand understanding of the rewards and challenges of teaching in today’s classroom; it also allows applicants to demonstrate their ability to reflect on how teachers they’ve worked alongside support pupils’ learning.

A key priority for candidates considering teaching should be making arrangements to gain relevant experience in school. Many training providers will help suitable candidates gain experience and may offer structured School Experience Programmes or `Taster weeks’. It is recommended you contact local training providers you wish to train with to ask about any school experience programmes they run.     

A code of good practice for volunteers is attached below:

`Everybody’s Business Code of Practice for Volunteers’ (downloadable document, 32mb)