All applications to Initial Teacher Training providers will be managed through the
UCAS Teacher Training website. Applicants should apply through UCAS.

The Course search tool has opened on UCAS and can be found here.

Click here to download advice on using the UCAS course search engine to see all the
accredited programmes.

Providers recognise the choice of training routes (and understand the differences
between them) can be confusing and stressful when making three choices on UCAS. All
interviews can come in quick succession and require considerable preparation.  If you
contact providers early they may be able to help with this and this can reduce stress levels
in November and December considerably.

Skills tests and applications

Applicants are advised to look at the online practice skills tests and book these skills tests as
early as possible. Practice papers are available online. You can book your skills test before making an application. Details of skills tests are available here.

Some providers do interview applicants and make offers before the skills tests are
completed and candidates should not normally delay applying whilst they wait for skills
tests results as some providers will ask for skills tests to be successfully completed within a
set time period, as a condition of any offer made.

Some programmes can become oversubscribed, therefore, applications should be made early
wherever possible. However, most providers will continue to consider all applications until
all places are filled but offers will be made on a first come first served basis which is why
you should try not to delay your application. Most providers will continue interviewing candidates
into 2018. For full up-to-date details regarding Initial Teacher Training vacancies and interviews
please email the providers you are interested in to join their electronic mailing list and receive
up to date information/updates.

If you are uncertain as to whether you are ready to complete a UCAS application form or you think you should delay applying whilst gaining more school experience/ completing skills tests etc. Please email providers early for expert advice.